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Hartelijk welkom op de Shetland Eilanden (NL)

 Een bezoek aan Shetland kan je leven veranderen! Na vijftien jaar lang naar Shetland op vakantie te zijn geweest moest het er van komen, ik ben in 2010 verhuisd van Nederland naar deze prachtige eilanden. Mochten er na het lezen van de informatie op mijn pagina nog vragen zijn aarzel dan vooral niet om contact op te nemen voor meer tekst en uitleg. Via de contactpagina of direct via telefoon ben ik over het algemeen makkelijk bereikbaar en kan dan uw vragen beantwoorden. Verheug me erop u te mogen verwelkomen en rond te leiden op deze bijzondere groep eilanden, hoog boven Schotland en op de grens van de Altantische Oceaan en de Noordzee!

Herzlich willkommen auf die Shetland Inseln (D)

Ein Besuch auf die Shetland Inseln kann Ihr Leben verändern! Nach fünfzehn Jahren Urlaub in Shetland, zog ich 2010 aus den Niederlanden auf diese schönen Inseln. Haben Sie, nachdem Sie meine Informationen auf meiner Internetseite gelesen haben, noch Fragen, bitte zögern Sie nicht und setzen Sie sich mit mir in Verbindung. Über die Kontaktseite oder direkt per Telefon beantworte ich gerne Ihre Fragen. Ich freue mich auf Ihren Besuch und zeige Ihnen gerne diese besondere Inselngruppe, hoch über Schottland und an der Grenze des Atlantiks und der Nordsee!


Welcome to  the Shetland Islands!

A visit to Shetland could change your life! I ended up moving to Shetland from the Netherlands after 15 years of consecutive holidays to these beautiful Islands.

How to get there?

To visit Shetland you can fly with FlyBe or get on board the Northlink ferry in Aberdeen or Kirkwall. Sailing your own yacht to Shetland might even be an option, some do! Many Cruise Liners also visit Shetland ever year for a short visit.

What to see?

Shetland has a lot to offer. One hundred Islands with a combined 1600 miles of coastline with breathtaking seascapes. Birds love the sea cliffs to bread and migratory birds stop to rest and feed. The Geopark status is a tribute to a turbulent geological past. For those interested in archaeology the islands are littered with evidence of early settlers, the oldest proof of visitors to Shetlands dates back the the Mesolithic followed by a busy Neolithic period (Jarlshof, Old Scatness), the Iron-age (including Broch builders, Mousa), the late Iron-age (Picts) and a long period in which the islands were part of Scandinavia (Viking times), eventually becoming part of Scotland in 1468. Various museums and other tourist attractions (latest addition the Sumburgh Lighthouse Visitor Center) are also worth a visit. With Shetlands economy booming there is evidence everywhere of our present day fishing industry (catching, processing, farming) and energy production (oil, gas and wind) all over the islands. And there is more, you won’t be disappointed!

Your Official Greenbadge Guide (STGA):

With so much to see and so little time to see it all, why not enlist the services of a specialised Greenbadge Tourist Guide who now calls Shetland home?

Services (all in English, German or Dutch):

  • Step-on guide: I will simply “step-on” to your transport and accompany you on your tour.
  • Town walk: Walking tour in Lerwick, Shetland’s capital founded in the 16th century when the Dutch herring fishers started to visit “Hitland”.
  • Walking tours: Short or longer walking tours in various areas of Shetland. Taylor made to your specific focus or interest, such as wildlife, archaeology, Geology or just for the pleasure of enjoying the scenery.

For more detailed information and a quote for guiding services
please get in touch using the contact page

Peter van Mill

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