Terms and Conditions


Terms & Conditions

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In addition to the STGA terms & Conditions (see below) I have special rates for my driver-guiding services, depending on the number of guests (size of transport needed) and the length of the tour.



Terms & Conditions,
Scottish Tourist Guides Association
(visit http://www.stga.co.uk fore more information)


All guiding fees and conditions should be agreed between yourselves and your guide prior to the commencement of the tour.

The STGA strongly recommends that passengers arrange suitable travel, medical and cancellation insurance.

Guiding Fees:
We regret that the Competition Act 1998 (“CA98”) prevents our members, who are all self employed and run their own businesses, from agreeing collectively to minimum recommended guiding rates.  The Office of Fair Trading has advised us that such practice will breach the provisions of the above Act. The STGA cannot set rates for their self employed members; however the following guide line rates would apply for some tours booked via the STGA office:

Guiding fees – approx rates:
English Half Day-£140-£160
English Full Day-£195-£245
Language Half Day-£180-£210
Language Full Day- £250-£300
+4 hours £15 per hour (£17.50 languages)
Some languages which are highly sought after may be in excess of these

How to pay:
Guide Fees may be paid by the following methods:
Cash to the Guide  (only by prior arrangement).
Bank payments in advance clients are responsible for ensuring payment in full covers bank charges.

Full Day Tours-on those lasting more than 8 hours, a supplementary payment for each additional hour may be payable. A lunch allowance is also payable. Half Day Tours-on those lasting more than 4 hours, or ending after 13.00hrs, a supplementary payment for each additional hour may be payable.
Extended Tours- Lunch, dinner, bed & breakfast to be provided. Overtime work and expenses to be negotiated prior to departure. Travelling expenses-to be negotiated, e.g. to a pick-up point or from drop-off point.

Cancellation of confirmed tour:
Full & Half Day Tours: if less than 7 days notice of cancellation is given, a fee of 50% will be payable; if less than 1 business day, full fee will be payable. Extended Tours*:  if less than 28 days notice is given, a fee of 50% will be payable; if less than 7 days, full fee will be payable. (*An extended tour is a tour which lasts for more than one day)

Entrances to attractions etc are not included in fees, these would be in addition.
For walking tours 20-25pax = 1 guide, more than this additional guide(s) are required

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