peter-guide1996 the St Sunniva brought me from Aberdeen to Shetland. It was love at first sight.  The islands and its people left no doubt in my mind. I knew even then I would end up moving to Shetland eventually.

Living in Eindhoven (Son en Breugel) at the time Shetland became my holiday destination of choice for the next 15 years. Traveling for the first 10 years on a motorcycle, then in an old VW camper-van. Eventually I ended up buying a house on the island of Yell in 2008. Three years down the road there was no holding back.
I have moved to Yell in 2011!

Zetland Diaries
is the last website (http://www.zetland.nl) in a long line of websites blogging my trips to Shetland. Photo’s that featured on these blogs can still be seen on the Photo/Links page.

STGA Green Badge Guide Shetland. In 2014 I qualified as a official Shetland tour guide. Guiding in English, German and Dutch it has become more than just a hobby. Great to show people around the most beautiful landscapes I know. Over winter this website will transform into a combination of personal blog and my Tour Guide activities.

The website is set up to share with friends and family in the Netherlands  some of the interesting and sometimes remarkable stories of my new life on Shetland.

You can contact me by dropping me an line at Peter(AT)vanMill.net


Peter van Mill



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