Best Wishes for 2016

oliebollenLast year I did not update my blog as much as I possibly should have. Point is that for me the novelty of living on Shetland has become the norm. Not something to write about facebook style in my opinion. But what is quite remarkable at times is the fact that to my surprise I have become a Dutchman. Never was, but living here it becomes obvious. I do like Dutch music, Dutch books (there is more in this world than Shakespeare, really there is) and most of all Dutch food (specially when the “hagelslag” is running low).
And so “oudjaarsavond” is only complete with proper “oliebollen en appelflappen”. Home made, even the icing sugar (the UK version tastes funny) so I ground down caster sugar to get the right fine sugar on my Oliebol… After Midnight, Dutch Time,  I took a nice plate full of oliebollen to the local North Ness Public Hall where the village had gathered to see in the new year. In no time all were eaten. That was to be expected as most Scots will eat anything that is deep fried I’ve learned.

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