Solar Eclipse

eclips-20-3-2015The 20th March 2015, between 07.41 and 11.50 a solar eclipse can be observed from Shetland. With at its peak more then 90% of the sun covered Shetland is the best place in the UK to observe this event.
It also kicks of the Cruise line season early as some cruise liners will visit Lerwick to or on the way back from the full Eclipse location.

In 1999 during an earlier visit to Shetland I also had the privilege of observing a partial eclipse.
Photographing the eclipse can be done in several ways but here is a simple way I used. A black plastic plate (or any dark vessel that holds water) was used to reflect only part of the light so it did not flood the lens.
eclips 1999The result was this photograph showing a 30% coverage of the sun. It also shows clouds. So lets hope the 20th of March will give us a clear sky to enjoy this unique spectacle! And do remember, it does get pretty dark for a while!

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