Carl Zeiss 8×30 Binoculars

verrekijker-2One of the first things on my shopping list after I had bought my house on Yell was a pair of binoculars. A sea view from the kitchen window dictates that there should be a pair on the windowsill. Also in the glove compartment of the car there should be a pair specially when you drive around a lot. As some of my college tour guides are  keen birdwatchers I learned what quality difference there can be. My Korean and Chinese pairs and the Russian monocle one are OK but not great. So you can believe my excitement when I spotted this little gem in de window of the Save the Children charity shop. Spending  £19 for a good cause was no proplem. A proper Carl Zeiss 8×30 1974 pair of tattered but perfectly functional pair of binoculars. Slightly disappointed at first with the fogged up image but after a good clean-up which meant taking it completely apart it polished up really well. On one lens the coating is gone but I am very impressed by the clarity and I love the vintage strap that came with it.

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