web-3in1Best way to learn something new is to do it your self. In this case it was extending my knowledge and ability to build websites based on WordPress using what is know as the ‘Presentation-page’. This page makes your website start with a ‘splash’ screen before you get to the get to the actual pages of the site.
For this exercise I chose to do what I would always advise against, that is, do three different things within one website. Advocating my Guiding services, my Webdesign assistance offer and maintaining the blog, that is my Zetland Diaries as it has been for the last four years. You might want to have a look around, click on the Web Design and Tour Guide pages and see what you think. Hardest thing is always to keep it simple. Also based on colours and style already used in the Diaries the other pages should fit in. As for other functionality, the availability calendar I hope will prove a useful addition to the site. Feel free to use the contact page if you spot any oversights or mistakes.

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