MOT and Taxdisc trouble

APK and MOT are not the same! Used to dutch garage practice I was taken by surprise to find my car failing its MOT. With the notice came a very short list of thing to improve on to make it pass its test. Weirdest one off all was the soft (not flat) spare tire. So it needed a second appointment to have these things fixed. Next time I will explicitly ask them to do it the other way around. Fix it, test it. Once.

And next came tax. When I bought the car there was a slight problem. The previous owner had a disability so was exempt from taxes. That is unique to the car and on its documents. So all the paperwork was sent to Aberdeen to get a legal tax-disc. This year it turned out they (DVLA, sort of RDW/belastingdienst) had not changed the tax status of the car. Found out on the phone I explicitly had to send in a V10 form to have it changed. Had they expected me to be eligiable for tax exemption next year? Hmmm….

With friendly help from the local postoffice I got everything send in again. That is, a moneyorder (which costed an extra 12 pounds as I have no checkbook yet), valid MOT (green, so not the red one I got the first test) form, Certificat of insurance (by NFU, thank you for sending it to me) and the original V5C form (with the wrong disability status on it).

Today (8th of September in fact) the new disc was in the mail, and so was the updated V5C form. Thank you DVLA for sorting it out. Next year it should be straight forward.

Different country, different customs, one learns quickly!

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