dropjes - hard - zout - suikervrij - 300Sometimes I do miss little Dutch things. In my ‘secret’ cupboard all the way at the back there is a stash of King Peppermint and Salty Liquorish (it has to be Salty, I do not like ‘zoet’ at all). Now I am down to my last Albert Heijn mini bag of Suikervrije harde zoute drop. A real treat that I keep in the car and I manage to only eat one at the time! Apart from cheese (I really do not like cheddar, is it even cheese?) there is not much I can not buy in Shetland. Mary’s shop sells ‘gember ontbijtkoek’, ‘stroopwafels’ and ‘beschuit’. Hagelslag is a bit of a problem but I found that grating plain chocolate works just as well. Great on a Dutch Biscuit with peanut butter on a Sunday morning for breakfast. ‘Belegen’ Dutch Gouda cheese is sold by CO-OP supermarket, even ‘jonge Goude’ can be found on the Polish shelves at Tesco but Drop, after I have run out I can’t stop thinking about it…. One bag left….

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