Quiz Night at the NNH

quizSo why the announcement of the next Quiz Night you might say? Well it has been nearly three years since I moved to Yell, Shetland. Moving, emigrating, holds a great number of uncertainties. The time to evaluate and decide whether or not I can make a life for myself here has come. Although moving again anywhere else will always be a possibility, for now I feel it is safe to say that I really feel “at home” where I am now. New friends and lots of people I have gotten to know. Plenty of things to do, even a bit of work as a tour guide. No end to hobbies, singing, music, helping out with webdesign, walking, kayaking, and doing up a boat to take out fishing and more.  Even mastering the English language, beyond the bits I knew, getting the jokes, picking up on subtle nuances, it is slowly getting there. Local dialect will probably always elude me, but I do now  get most of what is being said. Getting more familiar with local affairs also means that I am starting to be able to contribute. Last year I joined the committee of volunteers that run my local Hall, the North Ness Hall, sometimes called the West Yell Hall or even the Ulsta hall. I have the key to the hall on my key chain, sometimes help out setting out the tables and chairs for various events, helping out in the kitchen making the tattie soup, opening the hall for groups that booked the hall and helping out with other odd jobs. Like printing the Quiz Night announcement.


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