unpluggedThe last five days have been better then I thought they would be. Persisting stormy weather is something I will never get really used to. Every single day the winds exceeded 30 Mph, and on two occasions touched 75 Mph (that is gail force 12 territory). Sunday these winds took the internet connection out. The whole of the south end of Yell was without internet. Only the ferry terminal still had the free council SICGUEST Wifi up and running. Regularly I could see cars pulling up, parking and getting their laptops, phones or tablets out just to check Email.
No internet. Unplugged life is not so bad. Once I settled down reading a book (“The Bird Skinner“, thank you Alice!) and playing music without being distracted by all sorts of internet notifications it was not a bad thing at all in the end. I think in future I will switch of my Internet more often, as I do my phone!

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