This summer I went swimming…

This summer I went swimming, this summer I might have drowned….

That is how one of my favorit Loudon Wainwright III songs starts. Today (sunday) the weather was great and in good company the West-Yell Ness tombolo beach was where we took my Kayak and wetsuit. 24 degrees, little wind and the water as clear as a bell. 3 Seals to watch us, the best day yet.

Swimming was a real revalation. Even in 5 meters of water the seafloor revealed all its beauty. Seaweeds, little crabs, sands, fish and maybe even a bit scary, in the distance the large body of a curious Seal.

With the wetsuit the water feels warm, it carries you, free to move, tumble, floot. Wonderfull and magic to be repeated weather permitting.

And of course I did not drown…

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