ned123Catch Up TV, what a great invention. Even watching Dutch TV on-line via UitzendingGemist.nl works well, that is, most of the time. Like BBC IPlayer were viewing content outside the UK is not always possible.
One program I really enjoyed before I moved to Shetland was called Zomergasten (summer visitors/guests). A whole TV evening where one special guest speaks about his or her interests and picks a selection of clips that the guest thinks relevant. At the end of the night usually the favourite movie of that guest to finish off the night. Unfortunate much of the content gets blocked when viewed from the UK. My last guest for the summer brought a permanent solution. I really enjoyed watching the last two Zomergasten of this season. Also looking forward to see who will turn up next year to explore Shetland! But for now, looking forward to winter! No Guests? I’ll find out….

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