kitchen updateSkran is a Shetland Dialect word for “odds and ends of rubbish gathered”. I have found that my house Burnside is mostly build of ‘Skran’. When the house was first build, some time around the 1940’s (nobody seems to be able to pinpoint the exact date, not even the archives of the Shetland Museum) from the Skran of the old Ulsta herring (fishing) station. When the station was demolished the wood was used to construct the first version of my  house, Burnside, to serve as a  house for the ferryman. You can still recognise the prefab style building from the herring station in the shape op my house.  A similar house can be found in Baltasound, Unst. In the Boathaven museum on Unst a model house of this style can be seen.
Next addition to the house was a garage. Build in the late 70’s it was constructed with Skran from SullomVoe. Fred Williamson managed to get his name on a pile of wood and cladding to extend the house and build the garage.
With a new boiler to replace my old Regent Rayburn it was time to update my kitchen and fill the gap left by the Rayburn. The Rayburn by the way now burns solid fuel again in another house on Yell, we try to recycle everything!
On Shetlink (Shetlands equivalent to Marktplaats or eBay) I found a second-hand gas cooker with a double oven for sale. Bits of wetwall left over from my shower repair make up bits of the top. A friend had some leftover doors from an old kitchen, multiplex from the skip and packaging material build the shelves of the cabinets, a small piece left over from a new worktop another friend recently fitted plugged the hole left by the old cooker. To top it all of I found an build-in extractor fan outside at the back of COPE, a social enterprise to support adults with disabilities, the recycling project being one of them. With the fan connected to the old flue by a bit of leftover downpipe my new kitchen is ready! Cookie time, my new favorite kind, SpritsKoeken, a Dutch kind of sweet shortbread.

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