MicroSoft Small Basic Project

Use your mouse on the banner to move the paddle and try to catch the ball and keep it up for as long as you like…. (as it runs on MicroSoft’s Silverlight it might not work on your PC or tablet/phone unfortunately but you can see the source code on MicroSofts site as well).
Small Basic is a free program by Microsoft to make a first attempt at programming as painless and fun as possible. As an introduction it works great. The interface is easy to understand and makes finding your way around all the different functions and methods very straight forward. With plenty of examples available online it is no surprise it is a useful tool for teaching programming in secondary schools. As I found out that the schools here on Shetland use this language to teach programming.
This banner is my first effort to familiarise myself with the language. I specially like the option to publish and share the program online and in this case even embed the code in a website.
Hopefully a few more entertaining games will follow….

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