Het Konijn

Or in English, “The Rabbit”.  He lives again!
In 1985 this game, “Het Konijn”, made its first appearance on a Sinclair QL, written in QL-basic, in Luxembourg by Bert.
You (the Rabbit) are in a field with fences and carrots. Eat a carrot (score points) and a fence and a new carrot will appear somewhere. Stay alive as long as you can, avoiding fences. And the Rabbit does not stop hopping, until….
This X-mas I have used the time to learn more advanced techniques in Python (classes, objects, sprites, etc.), using the PyGame library. New to Python I am impressed by the compact code it allows you to write. Not directly clear (very clever lists instead of arrays) but that made it certainly a challenge, and that was the whole point of the exercise. The game is not finished yet. It really needs a Hi-Score list. And maybe a downloadable version in dew time so you can play it on your own computer (to addictive I can tell you, be carefull). I’ll let you know as soon as that is ready. The basic version has a window size of 800×600 pixels and this little clips shows the smaller version. Scaling the Sprites does not work very wel. Scaling the game is build in to the code, eventually getting it to run as an Android app is the ultimate goal.
Download new Beta-version theRabbit.zip (5.3 Mb) to play, now with Hi-Score function.
Unzip theRabbit.zip files in folder, start theRabbit.exe. And Icon (rabbit.ico) is in the folder as well to complete the installation.

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