Recumbent bicycle ride

Life here is finding its natural rhythm. Updating my blog is no longer a part of my list of priorities so it seems (sorry..) Maybe this is due to the fact that the novelty of moving to Shetland has almost worn off and I also didn’t blog my life in Holland. So maybe I should find another angle to update this blog in future.
This post deals with my level of fitness. Or maybe the lack of it. Although I still regularly go for walks I do miss my daily commute to school (14 miles / 20 km a day) on my recumbent bicycle (LigFiets) that kept me fit. Last winter I tried to at least once a week go to the Mid-Yell leisure centre to do a bit of Spinning but that was not the cheapest option. So I finally got my bike out and have started to (weather permitting) do at least two runs a week on my bike. It is quite a spectacular bike and the local view is that I must be slightly strange (if not to say mad) to whizz by on such a strange bicycle (with downhill speeds of over 30 miles an hour).
And it proves to be difficult. To keep your balance on a recumbent bike a  minimum speed of 6 to 8 miles (+/- 10 km) per hour is essential. And I can tell you that some of the single track roads here a so steep it takes my breath away when I try to go on cycling. Walking in the beginning was sometimes unavoidable. Now (fitness is improving) I can make it up most roads but still struggle to pick a good rhythm on longer inclines.
But on a sunny day (and there are many of them in spite of what you might think about Shetland weather) the views are spectacular and it is another great treat to be able to enjoy the ride. You can just see the smile on my face in my rear view mirror…..

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