West Yell Otter

Yell is famous for its large Otter population. After living on Yell for more than a year now the local otters become a familiar site. They each have their own area and you learn to expect them around the usual places. On a sunny and warm day, with the wind in my face I decided to go for a walk along the West Coast of Yell. From Sound to West Sandwick is a nice walk. The coastline is not to straight so their is a lot to see. Halfway I came across an Otter and luckily this time I spotted the Otter long before he spotted me.  It always is a privilege to be able to observe an Otter fishing and eating crabs. Eventually of course he was disturbed by the clicking of my camera and started playing hide and seek. In the end the Otter won, as they always do. Not before I took some photos so you might want to click on the image (or here) to see more of this Otter.

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