Festival Frenzy

Shetland’s music scene is famous.  With a wide range of different festivals every year there is a lot of interesting events on Shetland. Just to name a few, there is a Folk, Blues, Guitar, Jazz and a Fiddle festival. Music tuition has always been of the highest standard and even now when the council has to cut back on funding many young musicians make there way onto the national and international stages. This month, starting the 5th of August it is the Fiddle Frenzy that kicks off. A kind of summer school for people who want to learn new tunes and improve on their Fiddle skills. Sharing a tune is the way traditional music has always survived. Listen and Learn, that’s the motto of traditional music. Many fiddle players can not read music score but can still play a nice tune. On top of that there are various performances of bands and solo artists.
For me, Shetland has given me the time and motivation to enjoy music even more then I did before. Singing with da ShantY-Yellmen, sharing tunes with friends and a last addition, trying to play the accordion. I am not sure if I will ever be able to play this beast, but I have found at least there is some order to the chaos and madness of a 120 buttons! With a long and dark winter ahead at least I won’t be short of a tune. Wish me luck…

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