Voe Duvel

How Shetland can inspire people was shown again last Sunday when Guido launched his scratch build Shetland model boat. With the knowledge of boat building the traditional way slowly being lost he took it upon himself to build a traditional Clinker build boat. No shortcuts, no screws, no plywood, just old style techniques and lots of linseed oil.
Over the last three years he has picked the brains of many boat builders on Shetland and with all that information quietly went about his business building his boat.
During the launch a crowd had gathered on and off shore to witness the event. And it went flawless. Guido rowed the boat round the floating shed in which he had build his boat and then showed the traditional way of sailing these boats to perfection.
The boat was named “Voe Duvel”, as a reference to Lower Voe where the boat has been build and of course after the famous Belgium beer, Duvel, that Guido could not do without…

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