Panda Lamb

Last few weeks have been very busy. Five times to Lerwick in one week meant I have left my car on the Toft end of the ferry for more then a week now. Reason for traveling to Lerwick in most cases was my Tour Guide training. When all goes well I might get into Tour Guiding over the summer. So getting on a bus and explain tourists who have arrived mostly by Cruise Liner what makes Shetland such a wonderful and exiting place. Highlights of the tours proof to be the archaeological site of Jarlshof, Peat, Shetland Ponies and Shetland Sheep. And as it is spring  foals and lambs trump everything.
One of my tutors spoke of this famous Panda Lamb. Shetland sheep come in a wide range of colours, which is great because even without dying the wool you can produce nice patterns like in the famous Fair Isle sweaters. But a Panda Lamb, white with black eyes? I did not believe it. So what a surprise I spotted this little beauty as I was working in the backroom of my house. So they do exit!
Edinburgh Zoo eat your hart out….


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