Spring Snow

It’s April! The morning started with a full blanket cover of white snow. That makes for a big change compared to the last two weeks spend in Holland. Sunshine, temperatures constantly over 15 (up to 20) degrees, no wind. Best part of the trip was getting back on my motorcycle. Part of the purpose of the trip was to collect the bike and ride it back to Shetland.
If I had had to chose the best weather to travel back home in early spring I would have picked this weather. The morning I arrived on Shetland however snow caught up with me. Freezing cold icy fog but still, glad to be back home.

Home now truly is Shetland. My next visit to Holland will be a real holiday. Met up with many friends, still all seems so familiar, but 8 months have passed and as the say in Holland, “De wereld draait door!”.

And so on return my garden was filled with a broad band of bright yellow Daffodils. With the snow cover quite a spectacle. You can see in one of the photo’s that the snow even got into the Daffodils beakers.

And yes, there are things I do miss. “Kroketten” being one of them (I had about 20!). More on Kroketten some other time (with recipe). ¬†And to share a bit of Holland with you I will also miss, it always is a great pleasure to travel on the trains.

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