Yell’s Night Sky

Traveling at night is an unexpected pleasure on Yell. Imagine traveling the odd 15 miles from Ulsta to Mid-Yell. Blazing headlights, music playing in the car, moonlight reflecting off Yell Sound and no traffic. The only traffic is coming in waves in sink with the ferry. Maybe 3 cars, mostly less. And the Sky is there in all its glory. No light pollution so on a cloudless night the milky way stretches from north to south, clearly visible. The number of visible stars is truely infinite. Unless you are getting nearer to a full moon. The moon can be as bright as the sun on a dark day.
And if you are really lucky you might catch a glimps of the Aurora Borealis! Unfortunatly the two times I’ve seen it I had left my camera at home. And even then, it takes skills (I don’t have) to make a nice photograph like you can see here. This one is by¬†Ivan Hawick and was published in Shetlands online newspaper, the Shetland News.

But please stay alert. Traveling at night, with little or no traffic is dangereous. Your mind wonders, enjoying the big skies and you might not pay as much attention to the road as you should. Sheep like the warm tarmac, or in winter, the grit and salts on the road. Rabbit are blinded and run right in front of the cars in blind panic. And sadly, otters also prefer the night time to cross the roads (view post on RoadKill).

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