West Sandwick Beach

Today (again) was a very beautiful day. Temperature close to 10 degrees. It feels like spring is in the air.
As everyone in Holland is Iceskating (I assume) I choose to do the next best thing to do on Yell and decided it was a great day to get on my bicycle and go for a ride.
One of the nicest locations nearby is West Sandwick beach. A beautiful secluded beach with sands that shimmer silver and purple. Very spectacular. The road to the beach has about eleven hills, which makes it a good training run. Not 200 km but almost 7 miles, just under 10 km. Today with the sun still low but bright the small ripples that form as the little fresh water stream crosses the beach catch the light beautifully.
So here are some of the photos I took. Click the image or this link to see them.

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