August 2011

Home improvement. The key word dominating August. With the weather promissing to be overcast but dry the roof of my extension / conservetory was my first job. With help of my builder 5 days was all it took to transform a leaky waterlogged roof into a solid stable flat roof with proper insulation. Inside the difference was directly noticable.

A builders job is a hard job. Working on heights, on an unstable set of trusses, they are not to be envied at all. And then the tricky bit. Blowon felt and roofing material take hot, coordinated and precise cooperation to get it on the right way. No second chances. But luckily it all went OK.

Next job was painting the extension. So now it all looks proper in sink with the rest of the house. Even the inside roof in the bathroom now has a nice V-lining roof.

KingSpan. A new word, in fact a brandname. It was the perfect material to tackle the next job that made an difference I could not have dream off. Insolation underneath the whole house! Through a trapdoor in the kitchen the crawlspace starts with plenty of headheight. About 1.5 meter (I will stay ┬ámetric…) but tapers of to a mear 50 centimeters with no room left to work. Again, it took five days and then the job was done.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, so time to lite the Rayburn. After only two days it was apparently clear, there is a chance I will survive winter! Temperature shot up to an uncomfortable 25 degrees celsius, with the Rayburn only at 1.  Time to switch it off again. And now with no heating on the house has been no colder then 19 degrees. Cosy is the right word I would say.

Last August job was a new laminate floor in the kitchen. Again, watch YouTube videos, think about the job, sourch materials, alternatives and then get on with the job. One day was all it took to get it in. It look s much better, and feels nice to. Even so smooth that you now can sence the floors are not 100% level….All the marbles roll to one corner. Best pleased as well with the trapdoor I made. First time lucky

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