Peat shed squatter

Finally I remembered to have my camera at the ready in ‘the office’. My backroom has become my office during the day. It’s were I work, study and play music. It’s the room that with only a small oil-radiator is the most omfortable room. That is, for me as I have found very few people would agree (I like 15-17 C…).

Earlier this morning I had moved 3 bags of peat’s from the shed to my porch. The dutch ‘Jukbox’ stove is very economical with fuel. One bag will last almost four evenings, depending on the wind direction (effecting the draw on the chimney) getting the temperature up to as much as 20 C in the living room.

A regular visitor to my garden is the local otter. Avoiding the neighbours (dog) and taking advantage of the sheltered peat shed (he has found a way in to) I spot him occasionally walking past the back of my house. He then crosses the road to dip into the Mill burn, just across the road to follow it into the sea. This time I had my camera at the ready and caught him red handed, squatting (kraker) ┬áin my Peat Shed (turfschuur). Doesn’t he look cute?

Click here or on the image to see more photographs of the squatter….

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