Power cuts

X-mas 2011, galeforce 11, winds over 100 miles/hour (>> 160 km/u), truly a new experience. The 25th of December, the second time this month the power was off for more than a full day. With the candles burning X-mas diner wasn’t spoiled, it just got better. And as the winds were gusting over a 100 miles an hour going out and back home was no option. ┬áThese winds pick up everything that is not properly battened down, including roofs and cars. Every body on Shetland deals with it no problem. Some even have a backup generator, most have candles and oil lamps. It’s the freezer that is most worrying. Over a day no electricity and it’s lamb chops for the next week until the lot goes off.

Extra assistance for Scottish and Southern Energy to repair the storm damage to power-lines was flown in from mainland Scotland and soon power was restored. But not after we enjoyed the pleasure of X-mas old-style. Good food (even ‘erwtensoep’), a peat fire, candle lights, stories and songs and nothing to distract from that. Do we really need power everyday?

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