A beautiful Sunday morning in November. Walking the shoreline of West-Yell overlooking Yell Sound I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming. The weather these last few weeks has been very mild. The mostly southerly winds have maintained an average of over 10 degrees Celsius. Shetland, on the border of the North sea to the east and the Atlantic to the west even in mid winter doesn’t get very cold. The base temperature of the sea warms up the air and the cold easterly winds that pass over Holland travel an other 1000 km over sea to reach Shetland at sea temperature level.

On Shetland houses are build with the wisdom of old, protected from the coldest and windiest weather. It’s the Northerly winds that draw in the cold arctic frosts and bring the gale force winter storms. My house, Burnside is almost a hundred years old and well positioned. South facing with it’s back tucked into the hill it makes the most of a sunny day and sits well in a blistering winter gale.

But I am looking forward to the first snow. With daylight hours shortening snow brightens up the world. Sunlight reflecting of the white snow lights up the islands. And at night when the moon is out Shetland can give Disneyland a run for its money! Pinch me…

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