Back Home?

Back home in Holland? Home has changed. A short visit to wind up affairs, sell my car and meet up with friends. It turned out to be to soon. As soon as I was on my way, a long drive from Aberdeen to Hull and two ferry crossings, I realised I wasn’t ready for it. Not a holiday, not going home and more importantly, not yet properly settled in my new home. But still. It was great fun to be a tourist in my own country. For the first time I could walk into a shop that sold nothing but cheap souvenirs. Delfs blue coasters, clogs, dutch themed fridge magnets and I had a legitimate reason to buy them! s’Hertogenbosch all of a sudden became interesting. Gorinchem turned out to be this nice medieval fortified old market town with a million of nice shops. And school? The first person I met in the hallway asked me if he could help me, obviously a new college, did I have an appointment? And the second lady I met was unfamiliar to me as well. Then for a short time everything turned back to normal as I walked into the staffroom. Home… But again all my former college’s were happy to see me but also busy, on their way somewhere. A quick cup of coffee and that was it. A different life, a past life.
And there was an unexpected downside. Welcomed by friends and family I did lose my independence for a week and a bit. Different beds, different breakfasts, no personal cookie jar to snack, no silence. Something to remember. Next year I will go camping and be a real tourist. I might get to enjoy Holland.

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